Mana's Background
My passion began during my parents musical & theatre careers in the 1960's. I was always fascinated by the contrasting colours of the people, their clothes (theatrical ) and their individual characteristics (the make-up).

I always thought what a fascinating
world of colours!

Mana has a great love of family and the arts, below are some of the inspirations in her life.

The Timisoara Opera House

During the 19th century, the opera won over the fortress of Timisoara; Opera fans filled up performance halls to the brim.

Mana's Mother Today


Mana's Mother during her opera years, A sensitive and passionate mezzosprano singer.
Mana's father has knowledge of whole musical solfege (musical technical skills as a whole: sight reading, writing the score of the music one hears, singing in tune, and more)
Hobbies Include

Sports, decorating fantasy cakes, leather masks crafts, she is also columnist for the Romanian Language Newspapers. "The Observer "Toronto Ontario and "Coloana Infinitului" Timisoara, Romania. She also has a passion for photographic and graphic art, and loves travel.

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Face Painting
Body Art
Body Painting
Belly Painting
Theatrical Make-up
Portfolio Make-up
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Face Painting
Professional Face and body painting all occasions.

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Make-Up Artistry
Portfolios, theatrical or girls get together, phone Mana

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body artistry

Body Art
A huge transformation into any theme or fairytale for special occasions, you will love it.

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Special Occasions, are our specialty, festive decorations, facepainting, pumpkin carving and more...

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Expectant Mothers

Baby showers, special occasions! Mothers to be!
"The ideal gift to offer at a "Baby Shower".

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